Carl Axel Lindqvist

Around 1880 Carl Axel Lindqvist, based at Mäster Samuelsgatan 50 in Klarakvarteren in Stockholm started building divers helmets. It is believed that he was inspired by the design of the Fahnen helmet ( see chapter Fahnen Helmet ) Just like this Fahnen helmet the helmets Lindqvist built had no breastplate, instead he used a brass ring which was permanent attached to the suit. The ring was bolted to the helmet with 4 bolts. The Lindqvist business was taken over by Emil Carlsson in 1910. Carlsson continued to manufacture helmets of the same ‘pot’ design for another 42 years, but in 1940 a catalogue came out where also helmets with a 12 bolt breastplate were shown. Read more about Emil Carlsson in the Emil Carlsson chapter.

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