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Company History

DESCO Diving Helmets

The idea is to create a history page on every manufacturer on this website and since I have a couple of DESCO sales catalogues in my library and owned several DESCO helmets through the years which I was able to take good photographs of, I thought it would be an easy job to create a history page on DESCO. But the more I looked for information the more different variations of helmets and masks I came across. I learned that they have a ‘huge’ company history and an even bigger assortment of goods they manufacture(d). A lot of the info and images here below I found in my own files and library but to be able to show the complete story I ‘borrowed’ the rest from the Desco Corporation website:

DESCO diving equipment can be ordered directly from the manufacturer at this website: Do not hesitate to tell them that you found their address through this website. Thanks.

DESCO Diving Helmets


the scrapbook of diving history