In February 2013 I joined my friend Jaap Stenger from Belgium on a trip to Italy where Jaap had purchased a helmet. Together we visited several collectors as well as the very interesting Diving Museum in Ravenna called ‘Museo Nazionale delle Attivita Subacquee’(MAS). There we met with Mr. Faustolo Rambelli, President of the Italian Historical Diving Society, and were received and guided around by museum curator Vincenzo Cardella who is an enthusiastic Rebreather diver himself. During our visit in 2013 Jaap and myself we were explained that the museum would soon move to a bigger building. In December 2014 Italian HDS President Faustolo Rambelli informed me that the new museum is now open for the public, he also shared some photographs of the new museum which are shown here below.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

The museum:

Museo Nazionale delle Attivita Subacquee

Piazza Marinai d'Italia, 16

48122 Marina di Ravenna (RA)


The museum can be visited on appointment with:

Mr. Vincenzo Cardella 


Photographs were kindly provided by Mr, Faustolo Rambelli

Historical Diving in Italy, the Diving Museum in Ravenna


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