Draeger helmet serial numbers

Accurate information of helmets supplied to customers, dates of manufacture, serial-numbers and client sources are rarely known. However, with the help of my database and the knowledge of certain changes in the design of helmets, estimations can often be made. If you have a helmet which you would like to know more about, then send a few photographs to the email address indicated below, and I shall try to reply as soon as I am able.

The first and the last Draeger helmet?

In the chapter 1899 Draegerwerk the helmet with serial number 1 is shown. It is a ‘Modell 1912 helmet which I bought several years ago in Germany: first I bought the bonnet, 3 years later I found the matching breastplate. I believed to also have the youngest Draeger helmet in my collection: number 5101 ( shown in chapter 1942 Draegerwerk 3 ) according to the chests where the helmet and equipment is packed in that helmet was built in 1976. But recently a friend contacted me to tell me that I had sold him a helmet 5 years ago which is even a little younger: that helmet is number 5104. So at this moment the youngest helmet is number 5104 or do you have or know a Draeger helmet with a higher serial number?

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Some of the files are still empty or nearly empty: preparing images is a lot of work and it will take some time before my entire stock is transferred. Also I am hoping for your cooperation! Do you have images you want to share then please send them to: <david@divinghelmet.nl>


the scrapbook of diving history

Second Draeger helmet

When visiting a museum in Croatia, Marko Hranilovich spotted an interesting diving helmet. The bonnet we identified as an Austrian ‘KuK’ helmet ( see the Austria chapter for more info on this helmet ) but the breastplate appears to have belonged to Draeger helmet. It is quite an interesting early Draeger breastplate as you can see by the fact that it had a rectangular badge once, but the serial number is at least as interesting: it has serial number 2 ...

Next to 98/V number stamped into the breastplate to match it with the older KuK bonnet the original Draeger serial number can be seen: number 2 ...              Photographs Marko Hranilovich

2000th Draeger helmet

In 2012 I visited a man in Germany who’s father once owed a diving company. He had advertised some old diving gear which I bought from him but there was no helmet with the stuff he offered me. When I asked him about the helmet he told me that his mother had decided to keep it as a souvenir. Being curious about what helmet they would have I asked him to send me a couple of photo’s of this helmet. It appeared to be an ‘Einfache Draegerhelm’ with a remarkable serial number: the helmet and breastplate had the matching serial number 2000 ...