the scrapbook of diving history


Ouch! this one still hurts: I was sold a fake Swedish 'Emil Carlsson' helmet and a fake German underwater lamp ...

On March 31st 2009 I returned from Sweden where I had collected a few diving helmets. While reading my emails I found a link to eBay which was sent to me by a friend in France. When I checked the link it turned out to be the sale of a rare version of a Swedish 'Emil Carlsson' helmet which had ended only a day after the auction had started. I felt annoyed about missing the helmet auction but decided to send an email to the seller to see if he had anything else to offer ... The next morning he contacted me saying that the helmet was not sold and that it was still available if I wanted it. He also told me that he had an old underwater lamp for sale. He sent some photos that were small and of a poor quality but both the lamp and the helmet looked very interesting. The brailles of the helmet looked new so I reckoned they had been made to complete the helmet, but the helmet itself looked all right. The lamp was a model from the 19th century which is so rare that I only knew it from old engravings.

2009 Rare swedish Emil Carlsson helmet is ‘made in Poland’