the scrapbook of diving history


With an important number of collectors of military edged weapons, the divers knife is the rarest one around since ‘forever’. Where an important army has ‘millions’ of bayonets, tens of thousands of swords, it has at best ‘hundreds’ of divers knives. This causes the value of a divers knife to have become ‘rocket high’. And when something is ‘expensive’ it becomes an object of desire to frauds ... I am in this business since 1984 and since the earliest days I have been offered fake divers knives. I won’t even try to show them all in this chapter, I will just start listing pictures which are sent to me with the question if the knife is genuine or not.

The only advise I can give when you consider buying a divers knife is to assume that it is a fake and pay a price for it which justifies that. Only when you are 100% quite sure that the knife is a genuine one then prices varying between 200 and 2000 euro are legitim ...

Pictures below: The notorious knives from the seller near Hamburg who sells nearly all existing divers knifes ‘worldwide’ are since long ‘exposed’ as reproductions, but the knife here below recently showed up on the german ebay and was sold by an new seller to a british buyer. As soon as the buyer received the knife he discovered that the knife is a fake and he contacted ebay After a process between him, ebay and the seller, ebay ordered the seller to refund him his money.