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Fake ‘Miller Dunn Divinhood’ helmets

The German dealer who seems to have a source for these helmets does not pretend that this is a genuine Miller Dunn helmet but since it is not a genuine (old) diving helmet we still list it on the website: the chance exists that a buyer later offers such a helmet for sale ‘with bad intentions’ ...

The ebay description read:

.... Extraordinary Shallow Water Diving Helmet!!!! Like the legendary Miller Dunn Style One # 1. The helmet is approx. 56 cm / 22 inch high and 28 cm / 11 inch wide. Material: Copper, brass and of course glass (the window). Hand Made by an copper- and brass-artisan in a limited edition. Excellent / perfect condition. Top artisan quality, a piece of art - not a lousy / botch workpiece! Mint condition - has never been in the water. Comes with a wooden stand.

‘I think, the helmet is diveable, but I sell the helmet as a collectors-item only, not for use!!! The seller assumes no personal liability for this item! It's hereby clearly expressed that I do not take any responsibility for any harm which might occur from usage this helmet!!! And the buyer agrees with this! Otherwise, please do not bid!!’ ....

A contact with the Historical Diving Society Denmark purchased such a helmet from this German seller with the intention to dive it and it appeared impossible: not only was the connection for the air hose hardly connected to the helmet, also was the round top of the helmet only clamped on to the main body of the helmet and not soldered at all: the air leaked out faster then it could be pumped into the helmet. Conclusion: THESE HELMETS CANNOT BE USED FOR DIVING.

ATTENTION: there are also fake Miller Dunn helmets on the market which were made in the USA and which are of a much higher quality then the helmet shown here. I hope to receive some photographs of such a ‘high quality fake’ soon.