When visiting Gert Normann and Philip Nathansen of the ‘Strandingsmuseum’ in Thorsminden, Danmark, we discovered a very old divers air pump in the museums store room. At first sight I believed to have discovered an Augustus Siebe air pump but a closer inspection learned that even though the pump is exactly identical to an Augustus Siebe, it is not signed with his name ( this is usually done on the middle piston rod ) The pump has a badge on the case saying ‘H. Gamst & H.C. Lund, Kopenhagen 1850’ and a brief check in ‘Google’ learned that from 1836 to 1854 these men were casters and that they made the bells for several churches in Denmark. When this pump was also made by them, would they also have made a helmet with it???

Many thanks to Philip Nathansen and Gert Normann of the ‘Dykkehistorisk Selskab’ and the ‘Strandingsmuseum’ in Thorsmilde for their help with this chapter.

H. Gamst & H.C. Lund, Kopenhagen


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