Heavy Metal Divers

 My name is Martin Morris. I started commercial diving after graduating dive school in 1981.  Several years ago I started my company "HeavyMetalDivers" to make diving helmets for friends who liked the helmets I made and used offshore and inland around Texas and Louisiana.  The "Gladiator" diving helmet is our product.  This design is a result of a long series of working prototype helmets built for R & D purposed under the stipulation that all units had to be fully functionable and diveable.  Simplicity and Durability are 2 qualities we demand of our helmets.The "Gladiator" is a bronze shelled diving helmet designed for air and mixed gas diving. The demand regulator is a "Poseidon" Xstream Duration which is O2 safe. Having very few parts the Xstream regulator is extremely simple, easy to maintain, and quickly removed / reinstalled into helmet.  The regulator is extremely easy breathing at any depth with proper air / gas pressure - 125 psi over bottom. A lot of research and testing was done before the "Poseidon" Xstream regulator was chosen for use.  The design is very simple with very few parts.  The breathing characteristics were by far better and more suitable to commercial diving.  The manufacturing company is solid with one of the best reputations.  There is no constant need to adjust

the regulator when in the water since there are no springs.  Due to the design there is virtually no breathing resistance with the Xstream.We also make the "Crusader" helmet which is an AirHat.  It is freeflow design with no demand regulator, no oral nasal, and dual exhaust standard features.  It is lower in price and also can be upgraded to gas hat.We are currently building a helmet dedicated for SAT utilizing a Jewell reclaim unit.  

Our helmets are built to last!                                                                                                          With special thanks to Martin Morris www.heavymetaldivers.com !


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