The DULAM Diving Helmet

The second helmet shown here below, the yellow one, I bought several years ago in Sweden, and since the Swedish Navy Museum shows a helmet made by Kaj Undén ‘looking just like this one’ I had assumed that this helmet would have been made by the same man: Kaj Undén. (see Kaj Undén in the Swedish chapter) But after having this helmet filed in the Swedish chapter of this website for several years, an interesting link was sent to the websites mailbox yesterday, this link lead to a website in France where 2 men, René Duverne and Raymond Lamblin established a diving company which was called DULAM Diving Service. Apparently these 2 men built their own diving helmets, and when comparing one of them (the black helmet shown here below) with the helmet at the bottom of this page (from the Swedish chapter) there is enough resemblance to consider this helmet possibly also to be made in France by Duverne and Lamblin. We are currently trying to get more info on this helmet.

The helmet shown here above came from Sweden. The helmet resembles to the helmet shown above it which is made in France by mrs. Duverne and Lamblin of DULAM Diving Service. We are currently trying to learn more about this remarkable helmet.


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