Advacotec Ltd. former Composite Beat Engel, ‘Deep-Sea Dive Helmet’

Advacotec Ltd. (former Composite Beat Engel) was created in 2018. The present product range includes a models for use in regular salt and fresh water as well as one that has been specifically designed for use in polluted media. Advacotec diving helmets are made in Switzerland and offer higher comfort and better view than any other helmet available.

The Beginning

Creativity and a fine craftsmanship are going hand in hand when Beat Engel from Switzerland realizes one of his ideas. Being a professional diver himself, he started to develop and produce diving helmets some 30 years ago. Beat Engel’s helmets are used worldwide, have been sighted in watch catalogues and amongst many others even the Swiss Army recommends his products. Born in 1953, when Beat was a teenager, he does what many boys want to do: Working with motorbikes and cars. He became a professional licensed mechanic. Speed fascinated him, so he started out working as a Grand Prix motorcycle mechanic and travelled with the Grand Prix road-racing circus in many countries during seven seasons. During winter he worked as a Swiss Ski Instructor high up in the alps. Back then Beat competed in the World Championship of speed skiing. Someone who races downhill at mach speed needs a good helmet; not just safe, but also aerodynamic! Being a person who never lacks of ideas, he simply started to design and build his own speed helmets working day and night in his little workshop. In 2002 Beat achieved a speed of 240 km/h at the World Championships of speed skiing in Les Arcs, France. That was the Swiss senior speed ski record and the seventh fastest speed on skis at this time. Since then, even faster speeds were achieved. The world record for men is at 251,40km/h and for women at 242,59km/h, both with speed helmets from Beat Engel. Beat claims: «My products are the best, cause I use them myself!»

Under Water

In the year 1989, Beat wanted to discover another world and began to work as a commercial diver in various countries. Again, he was not satisfied with the helmets available on the market: Too heavy, uncomfortable to wear, not enough view, complicated to maintain and repair – so he just started out his own company to make better diving helmets. He has now more than 20 years of experience. A worldwide comparison of head-sizes and head-forms of diver from Japan to Norway made it possible to develop the best ergonomic shape of diving helmets for a perfect balance under water. You may wonder how different even peoples noses are, Beat explains. The helmets he is building – all hand-laminated of fiberglass – are not only good looking; every professional recognizes immediately the difference.

The Swiss Hat

There are three basic helmet models in the DSL series, built in a modular way; with demand valves for easy underwater work to a very silent freeflow helmet for heavily contaminated areas. All helmets feature a huge field of vision which is approximately 40% bigger than competition products. Strong front and side covers protect the entire air distribution system against shocks and vents the exhaled bubbles to the back of the helmet. There is a full compatibility with all air connectors, communication systems and easy mounting possibility for lamps and cameras on top of the helmet. Underwater photoelectric welding lenses are also available. Flexible, shock absorbing valve handles provide best protection for harsh environments. Beat Engel’s trump is his experience in making diving helmets functional at top quality. Right now, he concentrates on a freeflow system with less noise than 80 decibels for works in heavy contaminated areas. Noise is something he wants to reduce to a minimum in order to create comfortable working conditions to the diver and avoid personal harm. There are helmets still sold with a noise level of over 100 decibel. Now there is a new Euronorm standard level of not more than 80 decibel requested.Don’t forget to check out Beat Engel’s website: You’ll even find a recommendation letter from the Swiss Army!



Advacotec Limited

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Shown here above: with demand valves for easy underwater work.

Shown here above: the DSL B-2 Deep Diving Helmet

Above left: the DSL B-2 Deep Diving Helmet, Right the youngest version: the DSL A-2 helmet with a curved faceplate. Both helmets are adaptable on all closed circuit diving systems


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