Masuccisub is a trade name established in 1997 by Maurizio Masucci. Back then he started the production of a full size 12 bolt diving helmet: the ‘Masuccisub’. Following this project a series of perfect scale models of diving helmets were built, these helmets deserve a place in the ‘art’ section on this website because you cannot dive with them. Since a couple of years Maurizio also manufactures ‘Shallow Water’ or ‘Open’ diving helmets.

Maurizio explains his passion:

In 1997, following my passion for mechanics and the dream of having a Diver helmet, I built my first full size Masuccisub helmet. Some friends asked me to make smaller models for giveaways and prizes. I have made three prototypes on a small scale perfectly identical to the full size Galeazzi Marina and has been a success. Later, with the experience and the curiosity to do new things, I built 12 models of different brands, Italian, English and Americans with the standard of accuracy that distinguishes my work for years.

The ‘Masuccisub’ 12 bolt diving helmet.


the scrapbook of diving history

Masuccisub ‘Diving Helmet Repair - Shop’

Masuccisub also restores old diving helmets. Some collectors will raise their eyebrows when observing a helmet being stripped from its patina, but Maurizio makes sure that any old helmet can be brought back to a condition where it can be dived again.

Masuccisub ‘Palumbarus’ Shallow Water Diving Helmet

Since a couple of years Maurizio also manufactures real diving helmets himself, this is his first project: the ‘Palumbarus’ Shallow Water Diving Helmet.

At the left the helmet are shown in the condition they were ‘found’ in, and right after Maurizio refurbished it into a diveable condition. Maurizion supplied a lot of photographs showing his work: click HERE to see more pictures of his restoration projects.

The photos above show the scale of the helmets and the skills of their maker. When you are interested in seeing more versions of the miniatures Maurizio manufactures then pls visit the ‘art’ chapter by clicking HERE

Maurizio manufactured about a dozen shallow water helmets so far, they currently can be ordered and the delivery time is 2 months. At wish Maurizio can engrave your name, or your companies name on a special badge which can be mounted under the lead weights. Maurizio supplied a lot of photographs showing his work and explained the story of this helmet himself: to see more pictures of his shallow water diving helmet project please click HERE.

Maurizio Masucci can be contacted through his own website, you will find it by clicking on the logo here above.

Masuccisub miniature diving helmets

Here above: the ‘Masucci Sub’12 bolt diving helmet.