Sergey Smolskiy

Dear David!

1. Sending to You Evolution 5 and short story about my Diving duty.

2. Many Thanks for Your interest for my Diving activity as Diving designer.

3. In the present time I have plan to design Generation V of Smolskiy Diving Suit.

4. Thank You for Your website Divescrap with many photos of my very old equipment.

But Smolskiy Diving Suit Co. Ltd and address also is very old.

My new company name is Smolskiy Diving Integration Co. Ltd.

My E-mail:

I transfered from 2015 all business activity to the my new strategic partner - JSC PTS (

My duty now is only Diving design.

5. You can use all my pictures for Your websites. I will be proud of it.

6. I will be glad to keep contact with You.

All the Best!

Best Regards!

  1. S.Smolskiy

January 09, 2019

Smolskiy Diving Integration Co. ltd

Smolskiy Diving Integration Co. ltd is a company established in 2009 in Moscow by retired Navy officer Sergey Smolskiy.

In the end of the USSR period Sergey Smolskiy was on active duty with the Russian ‘Black Sea Fleet’. In 1989 he was involved in testing new free flow Navy Diving equipment. It generated a passionate desire to develop a modern Diving Helmet, a passion which continued to present time.

The SmDI company is based and focussed on the idea of integrating the possibillities of different organisations for a synergy effect from their activity in joint projects.

SmDI provides and supports integrated solutions for partners and customers in a special and specific technical field: the design, development, production, promotion and maintenance of Diving Equipment.

Since 1989 Sergey Smolskiy has designed innovative Diving Equipment like Helmets, Apparatus, Suits, Boots, Hoses, Cables and Heating Systems with the aim to reduce risk and hazard, improving safety and comfort to Professional Divers.

The long experience, engineering skills, analyzing and knowledge of Diving Equipment as well as the international market allows us to constantly adapt to the needs of our customers on the Russian and International Market.

From 2015 in close cooperation with JSC PTS we developed an innovated Smolskiy Diving Suit: the 20M (SDS - 20M). The modernization of this equipment consists of the new design of the Helmet Shell and Helmet Visor, a higher pressure and larger volume bailout set, a more ergonomic and durable Dry Suit for hazmat activity, more power electrical heating system and the construction of new boots.

Our main Target and Mission is the emotional calmness of Divers in our Equipment underwater and to ensure the same for all managers at the surface.

Sergey Smolskiy

General Director

Smolskiy Diving Integration Co. Ltd.


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