Tetis Group, / JSC ‘Kampo’ Moscow

JSC TETIS PRO is the largest Russian company specializing in the designing, constructing, delivering and supplying comprehensive range of diving and subsea equipment for commercial, military, search and rescue diving.

JSC TETIS PRO was founded in 1991 and based in Moscow. TETIS is wholly privately owned company. We are a dynamic company with highly experienced personnel. The key people coming from diving background and conversant with all aspects of operational diving. TETIS is co-owner of KAMPO company the only Russian company has fifty years history designing and manufacturing breathing equipment for space, diving and medicine applications. Company has Life support Laboratory for testing breathing equipment. Test and training tank and other facilities.

We are distributor for products of other companies like DIVEX, AQUALUNG, BAUER KOMPRESSOREN, DSI, STANLEY HYDRAULIC TOOLS, BROCO, OCEAN TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS, HYDROVISION - all the names which most people recognize, and who represent the forefront of hyperbaric, diving and subsea equipment.

At TETIS our goal is to give our customer a quality product at competitive price according to national standards and traditions. We pay especial attention to technical support of our customers. We have highly equipped workshop for service and refurbishment of diving equipment.

The company has recognised the importance of quality in providing products and services to client standards. A Quality Management System is in operation throughout the organisation in line with accreditation gained by ISO 9001.

Our special forte is containerized surface supply diving systems. TETIS have pioneered the concept of '20ft containerized diving systems in Russia with a choice of fit-out options allowing the customer to add the equipment most suited or required to his own market or national regulations.

TETIS own in-house engineering department design all the diving equipment. Customer required changes and drawing design updates can easily be accommodated.

There is a wide range of diving equipment available for divers today, but finding it all in one place has been difficult in the past. Now there is a company, TETIS, dedicated to supplying the latest most dependable Russian and international equipment available in the market.

Alexey Bolshun

Head Office Moscow


Address 142770, RUSSIA,Moscow region, Leninsky district,vil. Stolbovo, industrial area Bootovo,building 2.

Code 117042, Moscow, privat box 73, st. Polyani 54

Tel: +7(495)786-98-55  


E-Mail tetis@tetis.ru

Web-site http://www.tetis-pro.ru

Regional offices:

Office 1

Address 192007, 237 Ligovsky ave,

St. Petersburg, Russia

Tel. +7 (812) 712-95-88  

E-Mail: petersburg@tetis.ru

Office 2

Address 353460, Office 1, 23 ,

Griboedova str, Gelendjik

Krasnodarsky area, Russia

Tel +7 (86141) 5-06-06  

Fax +7 (86141) 5-9665

E-Mail gelendjik@tetis.ru

With thanks to Pavel Borovikov and the website of the Tetis group: http://www.tetis-group.com/



Tetis Group applies designs of world’s leading manufacturers of fire-fighting equipment in integrated solutions systems. Production of a range of fire-fighting equipment takes place in the plant of Tetis Group – “KAMPO”.

JSC “KAMPO” was founded in 1953. It was called “Orechovo-Zuevskoe design-engineering bureau of oxygen equipment”. The design bureau was a unique research and development center in The Soviet Union, supplying diving equipment to The Russian Navy; life-support systems to both aeronautical and space technologies, as well as emergency and rescue services of our country. Nowadays “KAMPO” is one of the biggest modern, dynamic designers and manufacturers of the respiratory fire-fighting, diving and rescue equipment.

Due to long-term cooperation with aerospace industry the company continues its tradition of high production standards, strong maintenance and labor discipline as well as high quality requirements. “KAMPO” company employees are highly qualified, experienced and responsible.

With thanks to Pavel Borovikov and the website of the Tetis group: http://www.tetis-group.com/


JSC “KAMPO” SVV-86 helmet. Designed for use to depth of 60 meters


JSC “KAMPO” SVV-93 helmet and complete equipment. Designed for use to depth of 60 meters


JSC “KAMPO” SVV-97 helmet. Designed for use to depth of 60 meters

JSC KAMPO SVU-5 Diving Equipment

Diving equipment SVU-5 is designed for divers life support during the underwater search and rescue, technical and other kinds of operations. Max. depth 60 meters, temperature -2 +35 C.

The equipment exists in two versions: SVU-5-1 with a helmet. SVU-5-2 with an Interspiro style full face mask.

1 – body; 2, 3 – mounting ports for camera and lights; 4 – blasting system for illuminator glass; 5 – a half mask; 6 – illuminator; 7 – water drain valve 8 –half ring; 9, 20 – ballast; 10 –handle; 11 – distribution block; 12 – connection hose; 13 –atmospheric valve flywheel; 14 – deflector; 15 –ring; 16 –communication module with connector; 17 –latch; 18 –screw; 19 – washer; 21 – inhalation valve; 22 –pulmonary automatic machine; 23 –microphone; 24 – phone; 25 – nasal support; 26 – pipe; 27 –ring (9V8.684.212); 28 –ring (9V8.684.123); 29 –handle; 30 – ring (9V8.684.267); 31 – exhalation valve (9V7.141.029); 32 –ring (9V8.684.235); 33 –screw; 34 – a ring (9V8.684.217); 35 – a ring (9V8.684.226), A – main supply fitting, B – emergency supply unit, E – bolts


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