A few years ago, HDS SEAP members located Ted Eldred who made the first single hose Porpoise. Eldred was to single hose what Gagnan was to double hose. HDS SEAP had three annual events in his honor. We have videos of these events and many pictures. Ted died a few years ago. His son allowed me to scan all of the pictures in his collection. I would be happy to provide them to you, if you wish. We use them in articles we write for our magazine Classic Diver. Steve Taylor HDS SEAP Melbourne.

Ted Eldred

Ted Eldred’s Porpoise rebreather and SCUBA’s

Color photographs: Porpoise inventor Ted Eldred at a day in his honor with the Historical Diving Society SEAP teaching his grandson to dive, Melbourne City Baths, site of the first Porpoise school

Many thanks to Steven Taylor of the HDS SEAP for his great contribution to this chapter.


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