the scrapbook of diving history

2018. Plongée Retro in Cerbere, France

In the summer of 1984 I started diving my Dutch Army Engineers Siebe Gorman set commercially; together with a friend I visited diving clubs all over Holland to allow their members a ‘Hard Hat Experience’. After 3 years I moved down South and started doing the same thing in France. The first diving club where I started diving was the diving club of the SNCF (French Railways) in Cerbere. 31 years later for the very first time a ‘Retro Diving’ weekend was organized in Cerbere, obviously I had to be there ... All together 3 different diving equipments were being dived: a Siebe Gorman 4 light 12 bolt set, a Miller Dunn Divinhood Style 3 and a Soviet Russian UVS50m 3 bolt. The sets were in full use all the weekend: I wish I had as many clients in one weekend back in 1987(!) ...                                                                                                                                Photographs David L.Dekker.