In march 2012 I received an inquiry from Denmark of a man who needed a regulator as an air supply to a home built diving helmet. Obviously I asked him for photographs of his project to show at this website. On the 13th of November 2012 he replied to my request and I received some photographs of a very well made ‘shallow water’ diving helmet. Jacob worked for 8 months on his helmet and the result is impressive. He told me that the helmet is quite comfortable to dive even though at the surface its weight of 34 kilo’s is a bit of a drawback. I asked Jacob if he’s intend to build more of these helmets to sell them and he replied that he won’t, but he is currently working on a second helmet, that one will have no side windows but it will have a top window. Also he is planning to build a series of fiberglass helmets which may become available for trade ...

I am looking forward to an update on the ‘Jacob Andersen Projects’

Jacob Andersen


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