1999. Kelvinn Bottomley & Bario 12 bolt helmet


the scrapbook of diving history


In 1999 a girlfriend working as an air-hostess with the dutch KLM spent a couple days in Mumbay India. She knew I was collecting diving helmets and when she found a diving helmet in an ‘antiques shop’ she took photographs of it and later sent them to me. The helmet was based on a korean helmet but ‘decorated’ with badges stating it would be a ‘Kelvinn Bottomley & Bario’ helmet from London. Now Kelvin Bottomley & Baird did ( does? ) exist, as a manufacturer of sextants, compasses and other nautical equipment but they never produced any diving helmets. So even though the name at the badge of the helmet does sound very familiar it is slightly different and no need to say that the helmet was a fake ... Recently an identical fake helmet showed up on ebay.com: see photographs here below.

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