The company name Krul & Dekker was created in 2004 to be able to mark the replica Rouquayrol Denayrouze diving equipment Rob Krul and myself had built. I designed an old style logo and we had a steel stamp made, with that all our equipment was marked and given a serial number.

Krul & Dekker

The Denayrouze ‘Pig Snout’ masks we build have the serial number and company logo stamped in the main brass ring at 12 o’clock

Krul & Dekker, the 4 projects:

The Rouquayrol Denayrouze regulator back pack                        Click to visit:

The Rouquayrol Denayrouze ‘Pig Snout’ mask                            Click to visit:

The German regulator back pack ‘Lufttornister‘                           Click to visit:

The Denayrouze under water lamp                                                Click to visit:


the scrapbook of diving history