My Library, Austria


the scrapbook of diving history


1980 Lestin & Co

Soft cover. 40 pages. Publicity booklet by Diving & Salvage company Lestin from Wien, Österreich.

1954. Hans Hass, Ich fotografierte in den Meeren

Hard cover. 160 pages. Beautiful album with many bw and color photographs

1996. Hans Hass. Aus der Pionierzeit des Tauchens

Hard cover. 408 pages. A book on the life and achievements of Hans Hass published by the German magazine ‘Tauchen’ This is in fact a German book but since it is dedicated to the life and work of the famous Austrian Diver Hans Hass I listed it in the Austrian chapter of my library.

1949 Jagers op de Zeebodem

Hard cover book. Dutch edition of Hans Hass ‘Drei Jäger auf dem Meeresgrund’ 288 pages

Hans Hass. Hard cover book, 69 pages, several bw illustrations.

1939. Jagd unter Wasser mit Harpune und Kamera

1954 Unter Korallen und Haien

Hard cover book, 161 pages. Hans Haß adventures in the Caribbean sea

1952. Hans Hass, MANTA Teufel im Roten Meer

Hard cover. 156 pages, with many bw photographs

1953. Kapitän Thie, Mit Hans Hass, im Ägäischen Meer

Hard cover. 92 pages, with many bw photographs and illustrations