My Library, Cabirol


the scrapbook of diving history


1861 DU SCAPHANDRE et de son emploi a bord des navires

M. L. du Temple. Soft cover book. 30 pages plus a colored litho as a ‘center fold’ and a large fold out engraving in the back. This is a Diving Manual explaining how to use the Cabirol diving apparatus on board of ships.

1855(?) Album Cabirol

Sales catalogue / album from Cabirol. 29 x 43 cm. Nice color litho’s plus some info. The album is not dated so I go by the date indicated at the front cover of 1855, the year that Cabirol was given a medal at the ‘Universal Exhibition’. This book is a reprint, I am looking for the original edition! ...

2008 Etude sur l’évolution technique du scaphandre Cabirol et du régulateur Rouquayrol

Philip Damon. Soft cover book. 176 pages. Illustrated.

1870 La Cloche a Plongeur et le Scaphandre

Louis Figuier. Hard cover book on several technical items. One large and well illustrated chapter showing the Rouquayrol-Denarouze and the Cabirol diving apparatus.