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the scrapbook of diving history


1950 Laerebog i DYKNING, Danish Navy Diving Manual

Second edition of the Danish Navy Diving Manual, first edition was written by J. Jegstrup, and printed in 1938. In 1949 it was revised by J. C. Munck and printed in 1950 in Kopenhagen. 210 pages, very interesting manual with all equipment used at the time described and illustrated.

1987 Wracks an der Westküste

German translation of Gert Mormann’s original danish edition, printed in 1987. 94 pages, many B&W illustrations. See also the chapter:

2012 Gert Normann

By Knut Jakobsen, 176 pages about Gert Normann, owner the salvage company of JD-Contractor A/S. See also the chapter:

Doctorate by Otto H. Rasmussen

Not dated, A5, 24 pages. Published in Denmark. Doctorate by Otto H. Rasmussen about the importance of individual Specified Diver’s Certificate.

1974. Søvernets Dykkerskole ( Navy Diving School )

1974. A5, 14 pages. Published by the Danish Navy.

1976. Opinion Diving

1976. A5, 17 pages.

1976. Practical defects in use of diving and decompression tables etc.

1976. A5, 61 pages.


1977. A5, 20 pages. Written by George Ballantine, Published by ‘Association of Danish Divers’


1977. A5, 27 pages. Written by Otto Ball, Published by ‘Commission for development of Danish Diving’

1979. Laerebog i DYKNING.

1979. A5, 20 pages. Written by Otto Ball, Published by ‘Ballantines Books’


1993. A5, 37 pages. Written by Otto Ball, Published by the Danish Navy