My Library, Poland


the scrapbook of diving history


1975 W Glebinach

Hard cover book, 218 pages written by Pawel Elsztein. Well illustrated book on submarines, diving bells, SCUBA and hard hat diving.

2001 Polskie Ratownictwo Okretowe

Hard cover book, 169 pages written by Jana Kazimierza Sawickiego. B&W illustrations mainly of ships of the Polish Sea Rescue Service, also little on diving.

1935 NUREK

Soft cover book, 50 pages written by K. Szyller. B&W illustrations. The original book was published in 1935, this is a reprint from 2010.

2021. Spret Nurkowy W Polsce 1945-1989

Hard cover book, 359 pages 27 x 21 cm. Written by Karina Kowalska. Color and B&W photo’s and illustrations illustrating the history of diving in Poland from 1945 to 1989.