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the scrapbook of diving history

Masuccisub also restores old diving helmets. Some collectors will raise their eyebrows when observing a helmet being stripped from its patina, but Maurizio makes sure that any old helmet can be brought back to a condition where it can be dived again.

Maurizio explains: At age 13, I built a small miniature cannon, and having done empirically, gunpowder, at great risk to myself and others, I did a test. With a steel ball I drilled, by mistake, my neighbor’ Prinz ...! My mother beat me with a broom ... I continued in the years to build the mechanics of my dreams. Two passions have always accompanied my curiosity: the mechanics and history. By the age of reason I joined these two passions in the restoration of old pieces. A first period dedicated to the restoration of historic firearms and then the sector that has given me the greatest satisfaction, restore, repair and re-establish diving helmets. This work, which I do not consider a job, has allowed me to know and bring back to its former glory, the most coveted and rare collector's items. Some unique and standards restoration introduced me to collectors who from customers have become good friends and with whom we are trying to bring order in the history of the helmets. The charm of these objects combined with the mystery that always hovers around Divers, do of my lab, a timeless place where we find ourselves among fans and ... talk, talk, talk ...      Maurizio Masucci