Masuccisub ‘Palumbarus’ Shallow Water Diving Helmet, Images


the scrapbook of diving history

Maurizio manufactured about a dozen shallow water helmets so far, they currently can be ordered and the delivery time is 2 months. At wish Maurizio can engrave your name, or your companies name on a special badge which can be mounted under the lead weights. Maurizio supplied a lot of photographs showing his work and explained the story of this helmet himself :

It’s born from an idea of Maurizio Masucci associate HDSI and from a request of, Alberto Gasparin associate supporter of our association.
Alberto, son of Art, is holder of the “Palumbarus Diving Works”, from here the name. The plan takes form from the will of Gasparin and the O.T.S. School C.E.di.Fo.P. ( European Center of Professional Formation ) in Palermo, with which Alberto he collaborates, for giving the possibility to the students to make experience with the several systems of respiration between which the open helmet. Palumbarus helmet is a typical shallow water with some caratteristic details like the complete inner tinning, the flow regulation and the diffusing inside on the porthole. The copper plate has a thickness of 1 millimeter, the porthole is of bronze and brass and is previewed the possibility to mount armored glass or Lexan from 6 millimeter . The helmet weigh is 6 kg ca. and leads of ballast beyond 3 kg each. The inner volume is approximately 18 liters. The detail shape of the leads is due to the search of a low barycentre of the structure in order to favor the stability in immersion. The possibility is previewed however to bind the being passed apparatus to the operator with the appropriate ones. On the credit side “intentionally dated” aspect today places side by side to more modern and technological how much in commerce regarding the safety and the operator confort, as the estates of the porthole entrusted to o-ring , the Lexan and the glue to cross-linking of hybrid polymers, purposely planned for estates submerged, than fixed sponges under the shoulders of the collar. In continuity with the philosophy of a helmet of old conception these modern solutions they have been hidden for how much possible one. The Palumbarus has been tested in Palermo to December 2007 in swimming pool and sea from gotten passionate professionals from 5 to the 61 years. Besides the progressive numbers of construction every helmet have ingraved the owner name and surname on the front lead strip.