There is not a lot that I know about this company except that it was established by a Charles Person in Sao Paulo, Brazil at least before 1935. Considering the variations in shape of these helmets and the different styles of company badges on them, Person must have been on the market for a long time. The most common helmet he manufactured was the multi bolt neck ring helmet which was used by ‘diamond divers’. The helmet and breastplate were holding the collar of a leather jacket, there was no complete suit attached to this helmet. Several of these helmets are shown here below in the image stock, also the jacket and a German magazine dated 1935 where the equipment is shown at the cover. Charles Person also built a deep water helmet, I only have pictures of one such helmet which is entirely built by him, and pictures of a second one which has the bonnet built to it which originally came from Germany: a Draeger ‘Bubikopf’ helmet’s bonnet. Both helmets have a breastplate with 12 bolts and 4 brailes much like most other 12 bolt divers helmets around. These 12 bolt helmets are quite rare, only very few are known to exist.

Person, Sao Paulo


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