Hi Phil, maybe you can provide me with some pictures you’d like to share? Some info about the company too? Thanks. Best regards, David

Hi, David

How do I post pics onto the Canada site??


Phil came to Holland a couple of years ago, we share a mutual interest in early French SCUBA ( Cousteau Gagnan ) As a surprise I took Phil to a friend here in Holland with a passion for ADS ( atmospheric Diving Suit ) The NewtSnout is a picture I photoshopped in an attempt to convince Phil that a ‘Pig Snout’ mask is a ‘must have’ ... I hope to add some serious pictures of the Nuytco Research soon.

Update January 19 2016 :

Robert Mester of Underwater Admiralty Sciences provided the site with a nice collection of photographs of the NewtSuit (starts with the 12th picture here below) Robert has 2 NewtSuits which his non-profit corporation dives with. Click at the logo here above to visit his website to read about the exploration of the seas with a high tech diving system

Phil Nuytten, Nuytco research Ltd, Vancouver


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