Jim Ager began to make Sea Bee regulators in 1954. His company still exists and uses the company name of Air Dive on the regulators today. Jim made single hose regulators longer than any man. He only recently retired, after selling his company.

I visited his small factory  6 years ago and they did not believe they had enough parts to put together a Sea Bee model for me. However, they did have an old one they were able to service and I now have the last Sea Bee. The picture of the two men: Adrian Morris (technician) and Jim Ager with the last Sea Bee.

Steven Taylor HDS SEAP.

Update oct 9 2015: Peter Mcmahon of the HDS SEAP sent an email to inform me that he recently obtained the last lot of spare parts for the Sea Bee regulators. Anyone in need of parts or info can contact him through his website: www.hardhatpeter.com

Sea Bee


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