Ted Eldred’s Porpoise compressed air CA-1

Ted Eldred’s first compressed air SCUBA came out in 1952. It was called the CA-1. In 1953 the CA-2 would come out which had 2 tanks instead of 1. Breathing with a Porpoise was something people were warned about. It would flow so much air as to scare someone who was unaware of it's capability. The double hose aqua lung diver was warned not to get over exerted when diving. That was because an aqua lung could not provide the air that might be needed. The Porpoise provided whatever you could use. A running man could use a Porpoise. Porpoises were also made for fire fighting on the surface.

Steven Taylor of the HDS SEAP

Many thanks to Steven Taylor of the HDS SEAP for his great contribution to this chapter.


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