Ted Eldred’s Porpoise ‘Sportsman’

The Porpoise Sportsman was a late model. It had a plastic demand valve and a non-balances reduction valve. Ted Eldred did not like it, because he had worked for so long to make the best regulator he could. His Universal was that regulator. However, it was necessary to make a less expensive model. The Sportsman reduction valve was very small. The demand valve was very light and it breathed almost as well as the Universal. It is very much like a modern light weight regulator of today, and very different from the Porpoise Universal.

The Royal Australian Navy assisted Ted by providing a reserve officer to start the first Australian diving school. They also helped with testing and were the first Navy to adopt single hose scuba. It was also used by the Army. The Australians had just ended WWII with Japan and they kept records of everyone with special skills. They had the diving equipment made in wooden boxed sets so they could be sent anywhere quickly.


the scrapbook of diving history