The New Text Links with Green Dots



the scrapbook of diving history!

IMPORTANT: This website was created with Apple iWeb software. Unfortunately Apple recently decided to provide its clients with a free update called ‘El Capitan’ and this update slowly kills the iWeb software used by millions of Apple users. There is a lot of discussions going on on the Apple forums on this matter and I hope that a solution will be found soon even though it seems that switching to software which was not designed by Apple seems the best solution (but a lot of work...) Until then this index page will show up on many computers with invisible buttons. This is not your computer: it is Apple causing this problem

UPDATE I followed the advise of another Apple iWeb user and turned ‘buttons’ into ‘words’ as links. This does not allow the distinctive bleu color as previously used on the buttons so I added a green dot next to each active link. In time this website will be rebuilt with ‘non Apple’ software, for now I will start with an update and install the new green dot links on the entire site ...

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