Trygon, Brno


the scrapbook of diving history

In 1962 a small group of young enthusiasts from the Czechoslovakian town of Brno who were inspired by movies from Hans Hass en Jacques Cousteau started meeting up, sharing the idea of exploring the underwater world themselves.


Due to the Soviet Russian occupation of Czechoslovakia there was a shortage of ‘everything’ needed to go SCUBA diving. The solution was to Home-Make masks out of kids’ rubber ‘beach-buckets’, make snorkel tubes, which plastic tubes which were heated above the stove and then bent. Mouthpieces were bought from a local medical supply shop and swimming fins were made out of sandals with pieces of linoleum sewn to them.


In 1964 they founded a diving club called ‘Trygon’, the latin name for a stingray.  Founding members were mr. Knotek, Janoška, cousins Školny, Láník, brothers Hrnčíř, Lelek, Vystrčil, Helma, Duda, Hrazdira, club doctor Dr. Havelka, Šmerda, Minařík, Kaňka, their wives, girlfriends and many others.


More advanced equipment was manufactured following the needs of the people involved. This lead to the development and production of the ‘TRYGON’ SCUBA regulators:

Above: an original ‘TRYGON’ SCUBA regulator.

It also lead to the development of a 16mm UW film camera, an underwater Drill, a portable compressor and a decompression chamber (above)

Also two genuine Diving Bells were built, initially a 3000 kg diving bell called ‘APOLO’ which was used for commercial contracts down to a max. Depth of 60 meters. Later a second bell was built: the LOCHNESS (see photo here above).

In 1968, Mr. Knotek and his friends founded a commercial diving company. In the early 1970s, they found work in the Czech Republic and in Basra, Iraq.


The successor of Trygon is a commercial inshore diving company ‘PS PROFI s.r.o. which is active in the Czech Republic, Iraq and Thailand. The company is managed by Mr. Jaroslav Knotek junior, working in Brno in the Czech Republic. He worked as a commercial diver throughout his career.

Mr. Knotek junior is a collector of old diving equipment, a well-known guest of international historical diving events and a sculptor "in brass" with historical diving art.

Photo above: Mr. Knotek junior with a Kirby Morgan ’27’, the photo was taken in 2013 in Iraq. Many thanks to Mr. Knotek for sharing his photo’s and infos.