Originally from Symi island (b.1860), he appears to have studied helmet making in France. It is reported that he was responsible for innovations in helmet airflow and design, which he incorporated into his quality helmets. At some point, he set up and operated a successful machine shop in Aegina, and island not far from Athens and the Piraeus harbor. He would spend spring and summer working in Aegina and retreat to his home island for winter. In late 1911, he was invited Tarpon Springs to work as a consultant and train new helmet makers. Avgerinos was preparing to travel back to Greece in spring of 1912, as the First Balkan War erupted so he decided to stay on, with his family. Over time he built the reputation of best master helmet maker in the area. Young Anthony Lerios allegedly became his apprentice in 1913, eventually taking over the manufacturing of helmets after the death of Avgerinos in 1930. Lerios passed on the knowledge to his grandson, Nicholas Toth who still builds sponge diving helmets in Florida. (Please also check the chapter ‘Nick Toth / Tarpon Springs’)

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Antonios (Anthony) Avgerinos


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