The following advertisement appeared on several internet sales-websites in September 2014:

‘Helmets are brand new mfg in Japan, custom made with each order approx. 2 months delivery time, with 50% down, 50% at completion, customer responsible for all duties, customs, taxes & training charges. WE SHIP WORLDWIDE’

The AQUA FX,by aquanaut adventures international is the only shallow water helmet dive system that DOES NOT LEAK OR FILL UP WITH WATER WHEN YOU BEND OVER,OR SWIM HORIZONTALLY!!! No other manufacturer can make this claim. The AQUA FX is the most innovative & technologically advanced shallow water tourist dive helmet on the market today. Here is a youtube video of the AQUA F-1* the AQUA FX is the improved version just google ( aquanaut adventures diving helmet ) & look for the youtube video. The ideal location is clear water with viewable sea life such as fish,corals,rays,turtles,clams,crabs,shellfish,sunken boats,objects,artifacts,or created items like statues etc. The ideal depth is 4-5 meters or 12 to 15 feet,it can be a little less or a little more. Minimum order is 4 units,we suggest getting 6,because 6 is the max. number that can be safely supervised by a diving professional during the tour. The AQUA FX HELMET costs $17,600 each 4 X $17,600= $70,400 6 X $17,600=$105,600 1 X $2500 training literature Terms 50% down & 50% upon completion of order ( 6-8 weeks) Customer responsible for all shipping,duty,taxes,insurance & training literature. Customer is responsible for air hose, fittings & air tanks*1 per helmet min. + extras It is almost always cheaper for the customer to get his tanks,hose,equipment accessories locally. WE SHIP WORLDWIDE I WILL JOINT VENTURE WITH THE RIGHT LOCATION & BUSINESS I will pay a referral to anybody that provides a specific lead that results in a sale, prior to my contact. SELLING WORLD WIDE NEW CONCEPT DIVING HELMET SYSTEM (Aqua FX HELMET) Ultra light weight with 360 inverted turning circle capability without the risk of helmet flooding. Positive pressure air regulator. More info: The AQUA FX is approx. 30% less expensive than some other brands of shallow water tourist dive helmets that allow you to walk on the sea floor. Their price is $25,000 per helmet & min. order of 6 units. MY HELMET IS LIGHTER,CHEAPER,BETTER LOOKING,SAFER,& MORE USER FRIENDLY,which translates into more people doing the tour & making more money. Email Raymond at with any questions,or call me at 972-579-9702 The Aquanaut Adventures Aqua FX Dive Helmet technology is founded on the principals of safety for the first time participant to enjoy the many pleasures of undersea activities in comfort and security. Currently this invention by Aquanaut Adventure is the latest state of the art technology in the industry. The Aqua FX Advantage The Aqua FX and operating system is designed to be the new industry standard. Revolutionary in its concept and safer than any other tourist dive helmet. The only tourist industry dive helmet on the market that will enable the user to do a complete 360 degree turnover without flooding or breathing difficulty. (Standard) Low Volume Air Cavity This is just one of the Patent registered features of the Aqua FX a tourist recreational dive helmet in a class all its own. The only tourist industry dive helmet that allows watertight access to the nostrils, so that Equalization of the ears can be achieved. (Standard) Easy access “Watertight Removable Surface Port” allows for emergency assent surface breathing without removal of the helmet. (Standard) Universal Hook Up. Allows the operator to hook up to any suitable approved air source, from scuba tanks to air compressors, the choice is yours. (Standard) These features are what set Aqua FX apart from any other Tourist Industry Dive Helmet on the market. These features were designed and incorporated to surpass all other tourist industry dive helmets in the categories of Function, Safety, Style and Profitability. Aqua F-1 you-tube is egsKHe0uBqw FX weight will be 8kg H:30cm×W:25cm×L:31cm System pressure is 10bar. 1 cylinder(11 Litre) can be use for 2 divers approx.(15 min trip)

Aquanaut Adventures ‘AQUA FX Diving Helmet’


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