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the scrapbook of diving history


1996 Niagara’s Gold

Soft cover. 160 pages. Some B&W illustrations.

2002 Divers in Time, Australia’s Untold History

Soft cover. 159 pages. Many illustrations

2009 Classic Diver

Soft cover. 28 pages. Great magazine. Published by the Historical Diving Society South East Asia and Pacific. This specific edition has a beautiful color illustration of a Denayrouze diver at the cover ...

2009. Classic Diver

Soft cover. 32 pages. Great magazine. Published by the Historical Diving Society South East Asia and Pacific. This specific edition has a great article on some guys from Holland diving with a Rouquayrol Denayrouze regulator back pack ...


Standard Dress Sport Diving. "A Practical Guide to Sport Dive the Classic Standard Dress Diving Helmet".

Stephen K. Taylor

This very informative book came about because of the interest of recreational scuba divers (and indeed non divers) in the use of the traditional old "hard-hat" equipment used exclusively before the advent of on-demand scuba and surface supplied hookah diving. It is only recently that the fascinating use of this early design diving apparatus by recreational divers gives an added perspective of their enjoyment underwater. The physics may be the same as scuba but the operation and enjoyment is a new experience that is growing to such an extent that many divers are now buying old equipment and fully restoring it for recreational use, or even buying new equipment which, perhaps surprisingly is still available. Of particular interest is the fact that in 2009 and 2010, a recreational standard dress course has been conducted in Portland, Victoria, by Professional Diving Services with the endoursement of the international NAUI organization. This excellent book gives a very useful background for anyone interested in standard dress diving, both from an historic and a practical perspective. It describes in some detail some of the ‘hardhat helmets' that are currently used recreationally, and the accompanying accessories such as the dress, boots, weights etc, describing the equipment terminology and its fundamental use. The new skills required, predominantly to do with air control and buoyancy, are described in some detail, and of course maintenance of equipment and diver safety is emphasized throughout. The author recently dived in the Melbourne Aquarium in his own standard dress and allows a page to describe the experience - something that the public will see more frequently over the years I am sure. A delightful book even if you don;t have ambitions to give it a try. Maybe this concise book will chance your mind! .A5 size, saddle stitched (stapled), 44 pages, well illustrated with many mono photographs, resources list.  $15.00

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2010. Diving the Classics